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How to Use Data Insights to Improve Customer Experience

Harbortouch Retail provides robust reporting tools that are invaluable for business owners who want greater insight into their customer data, sales, and inventory so that they can improve customer experience. As a business owner, do you have an easy way to tell if you have the products in stock that your customers want, when they want them? How do you know when to expand popular product lines? Do you have the data you need to create special promotions for your best customers? Harbortouch reports provide these insights and much more.

With Harbortouch sales reports, business owners can filter by sales figures, product, brand, profit, and time period, as well as other data points. The reports help answer a wide range of questions:

  • Sales by product: Which products are the most popular? Which ones might you consider phasing out?
  • Timing of sales: Do sales of certain products peak during particular months or seasons?
  • Brand popularity: Are there certain brands that are particularly popular with your customers? Reports may help you identify trends that are hard to recognize by simple observation.
  • Promotional data: Did you run sales and promotions during a particular time frame that were especially successful? Or did particular products contribute to a promotion’s success?

Harbortouch customer reports offer insights such as:

  • Sales volume: Who are your biggest customers?
  • Product preferences: What are your customers’ favorite products and brands?
  • Purchase date(s): When do they shop? All year long? For certain holidays? During certain months?
  • VIP customers: Who are your most loyal customers?

The more you understand your customers’ buying habits, the better you can plan to have what they want to buy, when they want to buy it. And you can better predict new products they might like.

Combining the inventory reports, your customers’ buying data, and the sales data from the sales reports enables you to:

  • Set minimum on-hand quantities for your most popular products.
  • Choose new lines of products and brands.
  • Target sales materials to products’ peak sales periods.
  • Create high-impact direct marketing campaigns by exporting a list of your best customers based on their buying preferences.

Harbortouch reports can help you understand your customers and your business better to improve every customer’s shopping experience. Remember – satisfied customers are loyal customers, and loyal customers are the foundation of a successful, profitable business.

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