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Customer Loyalty: Finding the Recipe for Success

Loyal customers are key to a restaurant’s success. They not only represent repeat business you can count on but also act as word-of-mouth marketers who can help build a larger base of loyal customers. Three key factors in developing loyal customers are food quality, ambience and service. When it comes to service, there are many operational improvements that can be made to enhance this aspect of the restaurant experience. Improvements to order accuracy, staff efficiency, and customer marketing can all help accomplish this. Harbortouch Hospitality POS software has built-in functions and features so you can effectively handle those aspects of restaurant management and more.


Order accuracy is central to customers’ dining experiences, and Harbortouch has just what you need to achieve that goal. With Harbortouch POS you can:

  • - Add and edit unlimited menu items and categories
  • - Change prices and quantities on orders easily
  • - Transfer tickets and tables
  • - Repeat previously ordered items
  • - Note special requests on orders
  • - Use inventory management to track portions left in real-time and receive an alert on items with low quantities

All these features and more help ensure that your customers will get what they ordered, the way they ordered it. Since orders can be relayed directly to the kitchen, POS systems also eliminate handwriting errors or language barriers.


By relaying orders directly to the kitchen, Harbortouch Hospitality POS also improves efficiency and staff efficiency is another key to customer satisfaction. Since servers no longer need to walk back to the kitchen to place their orders, this allows them to spend more time on the floor serving your customers. With Harbortouch Hospitality POS you can also:

  • Reservations
    • - Manage reservations
    • - Add new reservations
    • - Track existing reservations and tables
  • Tables
    • - View and track occupied tables and occupant numbers
    • - Track open tables
    • - Text customers to announce their table is ready
  • Orders and payments
    • - Quickly transfer checks, split payments or split orders
    • - The software’s customer database allows you to easily re-order your customers’ frequently ordered items with a single touch

These features support your staff as they provide your customers with efficient, effective service from the point of reservation or arrival at your restaurant right up to paying the check.


The software’s customer database and loyalty functionality enable you to keep track of your best customers and reward them for their loyalty. The customer database also allows you to build a list of customers to target with marketing campaigns. It also tracks each customer’s frequently purchased items and buying habits so that you can customize marketing campaigns for maximum effectiveness.

Satisfied, loyal customers are a key ingredient in restaurant success. Harbortouch Hospitality POS offers all the functions and features restaurateurs need to serve, satisfy, and grow their loyal customers.