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Pay-at-the-table with Apple Pay

Pay-at-the-table is now a reality with Perkwave and Apple Pay! Harbortouch has developed a mobile app for the Apple iPhone called Perkwave that enables consumers to pay their bill right from their phone using Apple Pay.


Pay-at-the-table is a critical component of the new EMV requirements. However, the only pay-at-the-table solutions currently on the market require costly equipment for the merchant. Harbortouch has solved pay-at-the-table with Perkwave and Apple Pay.


The Perkwave app also includes loyalty and rewards functionality to encourage customers to pay with the app, frequent the restaurant more often and find other local businesses that are enabled to accept Perkwave’s embedded Apple Pay technology.


Perkwave is integrated with Harbortouch POS so the entire transaction is as seamless as any other payment type. All receipts at Harbortouch Hospitality POS locations will print with a special code that customers can scan or enter with the Perkwave app. The bill will appear on the screen and the customer can finalize the entire payment process through the app. The payment will automatically sync to the Harbortouch POS system for a seamless transaction experience.


How does it work?