Countless time and money saving features automate your day-to-day operations and help make running your business easier and more profitable

  • Inventory Tracking

    You can import your existing inventory database in a snap. Once your inventory has been uploaded, the system will automatically track how much you have in stock.

  • Age Verification

    Age verification prompts the cashier to check the customer’s identification and informs them if the customer can legally purchase age-restricted products.

  • Employee Management

    Track your employees with a built-in time clock and view a detailed breakdown of hours worked for each employee or each day as well as their productivity. Security levels allow you to control the functions that particular employees are authorized to use.

  • Customer Database

    Keep a comprehensive record of customers’ purchasing history and personal/contact information to identify sales trends and best customers, ideal for loyalty and other incentive programs. This database can also be exported for direct marketing campaigns.

  • Purchase Order Creation

    You can create purchase orders directly through your POS system for easy inventory management and item reorders.

  • Vendor Management

    Organize all your suppliers and other vendors in a single database to manage all of your important business relationships.

  • Flexible Pricing

    The software has the ability to differentiate between a single beverage and multi-packs (i.e., a single beer versus a six pack or case). Also, you can dynamically customize your product pricing within seconds to accommodate coupons, sales, and other discounts.

  • Integrated Payments

    Combine multiple operations into one easy-to-use application. Accept cash, checks, credit, and debit through your POS system.

  • Employee Commissions

    You can pay your employees commissions for selling particular products. Commissions can be awarded as a percentage of the sale price, percentage of the profit or a flat amount. Also, the salesperson for a transaction can be different than the cashier ringing it up.

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